2021 Durango Red Ball

On February 6, 2021, the four La Plata County Rotary Clubs held their annual Red Ball Fundraising event.  As with all things during the year of the pandemic, this year’s event had a different look and feel.  Due to the restrictions regarding large gatherings, the clubs had to devise a new process for running the event.  To say that Rotarians are adaptable and innovative is an understatement.  After much brainstorming, Dr. Lynn Urban threw out the idea of rolling red ping pong balls down a sloped platform.   The 2021 Red Ball Express was under way.

On the day of the event, Rotarians gathered at Alpine Bank and assembled a seven foot high, fifty-six foot long, sloping obstacle course built by a local Rotarian.  Once the course was erected, the excitment began.  The balls were released and twenty-five seconds later, the 2021 Red Ball Express had a winner, Chris Bettin.  The event was broadcast live on the Red Ball webpage and the video can be accessed by clicking below.

2021 Red Ball Express Video

The generousity of La Plata County residents was unmatched as this year’s event raised over $30,000 for local clubs.  All the money raised will help support La Plata County communities.   More gererousity shined through Chris Bettin, winner of this year’s event, donated the entire $5,000 grand prize to a local resident who had lost his home belongings to a fire just days before the event.  Read about Chris’ charitable donation by clicking below.

Durango Herald Article

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