Teaming with Pine River Shares to cook and dish up Thanksgiving dinner for locals is one of our favorite activities. Ensuring everyone can have turkey and the trimmings is rewarding, and it’s great to sit down with friends and neighbors to share the holiday meal.

We spend a day cleaning up Highway 160 every year. The job is always challenging but when we work together, it’s satisfying work, and the road looks so great when we’re finished. We accept many invitations to help out around the community, whether the task is installing a playground, supporting library events, or providing funds to bring more music to the Pine River Valley. Visit our Facebook page to find out more about the good work we do.

We recently discovered that in some countries, girls drop out of school as they reach puberty due to the lack of feminine products. Our members sprang into action to create hygiene kits and ship them to areas of need. We’re all about removing barriers to education!

A few years ago, we found out about the need for a fence to surround a school garden in Zimbabwe. Students wanted to learn to grow vegetables for their families and the student lunch program, but they had no way to protect their 1-acre plot from animals. We raised $10,000 to get the project done, contributingto the work of a Rotary Club in South Africa.

If you would like to request funding for a project that will enrich the Pine River Valley, download and fill out our application form.  Be sure you’re in contact with one of us first for feedback on your project and information on how to submit your request.

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